In the context of the global pandemic, SMEs in Ontario and Quebec are being called on to transform how we do business in several sectors across Canada

While the world is being shaken by this unprecedented health issue, we are discovering once again to what extent technology plays a key role in enabling humanity to get through storms and build a stronger future.

Among these promising new technologies is 5G, with its many potential new applications that could be leveraged in the fields of health and education, as well as in various economic sectors. South Korea, China and Japan have provided good examples on a number of fronts in terms of tracking confirmed cases: learning who infected individuals came in contact with; providing telemedicine to remote areas and many more. Globally, entrepreneurs are just starting to think about new solutions for when – not if – the next catastrophe impacts our small connected world.

ENCQOR 5G and its partners, primarily SMEs and entrepreneurs, can provide a valuable contribution toward increasing Canada’s economic resilience in situations such as the current health crisis or others. Moreover, entrepreneurs and SMEs have the potential to create the future services and applications that will drive our economies past the severe restrictions many sectors are experiencing.

5G as an economic springboard

With this goal in mind and in the context of the current pandemic, on April 9th we launched a technological challenge for innovators – Quebec and Ontario’s entrepreneurs and the academic community. We want them to use their expertise and know-how towards developing and testing innovative 5G solutions, which could reinvent our way of doing things in several key sectors and allow Canada to better resist the economic impacts of a disaster like the present pandemic. Naturally, these new technologies could also attract the interest of companies and public organizations elsewhere in the world.

You can find more details about the COVID-19 technological challenge in the press release recently issued by ENCQOR 5G.

More than 300 SMEs innovating through their ENCQOR 5G Partnership

While ENCQOR 5G just celebrated its third year in existence, I am delighted to see that we can now count on the commitment of 300 Ontario and Quebec SMEs that have brought forth innovative ideas on how 5G can contribute to change and improve our world. Projects in a wide range of sectors are presently underway and each month we continue to sign new agreements with various companies. Of course, we have adapted our approach to the COVID-19 situation by implementing new virtual approaches and making the various functionalities of our platform available remotely.

Furthermore, in recent months we have signed collaboration agreements with 6 telecommunications companies operating in Canada (Bell, Cogeco, Ecotel, Rogers, Telus and Videotron), in addition to signing a partnership with the Association des directeurs de recherche industrielle du Québec (ADRIQ) to manage ENCQOR 5G adoption projects in Quebec.

With the support of SMEs and its other partners, these new alliances will help ENCQOR 5G build a true world-class 5G ecosystem in Canada. This will contribute to helping our economy become more prosperous and resilient.

Germain Lamonde
Chairman of the Board