ENCQOR 5G Exceeds the 450+ SME Bar

Pierre Boucher General Manager ENCQOR 5G info@encqor.ca

Despite the constraints posed by the pandemic and the summer holidays, several new SMEs have joined ENCQOR 5G in recent weeks, passing the milestone of 450+ SMEs committed to the program.

We are very proud of these results, which demonstrate the willingness of entrepreneurs in Quebec and Ontario to innovate by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by 5G technology. With the addition of new SMEs, the participation of the academic community and big business, ENCQOR 5G is helping to build a strong 5G ecosystem in Canada, capable of competing globally and helping economic recovery in the context of COVID-19.

A back-to-school season focussed on economic recovery

In addition, the fall season is proving to be busy for ENCQOR 5G. We have several projects and new 5G training initiatives in preparation that we will be able to announce in the coming weeks.

The pandemic of the past few months has shown us how important it is to make our economy more resilient to these types of shocks, and there is no doubt that 5G technology can help us achieve this goal. In addition to supporting innovation, the work carried out under the ENCQOR 5G program also ensures the maintenance and creation of thousands of quality jobs in leading-edge sectors and contributes to strengthening the competitiveness of the Canadian economy.

With the help of all our partners, the ENCQOR 5G team therefore intends to take part this fall in economic recovery efforts through new promising and structuring projects. More details to come. Stay tuned. And happy back-to-school to all!