Wireless technology has made extraordinary advances since it was first introduced in the 1980s. The world is now on the verge of 5G, or fifth-generation, wireless communications.

5G will be a game changer in wireless telecommunications, ushering in a high-speed network for future generations with more devices and forming the wireless backbone for technological advances such as connected cars, smart cities and the Internet of Things (IoT).

ENCQOR (Evolution of Networked Services through a Corridor in Quebec and Ontario for Research and Innovation) is a transformational Canada-Quebec-Ontario partnership focused on research and innovation in the field of 5G disruptive technologies, on adoption initiatives and system uses. ENCQOR establishes the first Canadian pre-commercial corridor of 5G digital infrastructure — the key to making the digital economy a reality. ENCQOR’s five-year strategy and unique focus on providing access to 5G networks to SMEs, researchers and academia means it is purpose-built not just for unlocking the technological promise of 5G in the near term, but for driving long-term economic growth in Quebec and Ontario and in the broader Canadian innovation ecosystem.

The ENCQOR project is spearheaded by five world-class digital technology companies — Ericsson, Ciena, Thales, IBM Canada and CGI — and brings together industry, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the public sector, centres for innovation, and universities.

ENCQOR is a tool for accelerating the transition to the digital economy and will strengthen the competitiveness of Canada, Quebec and Ontario in the global economy by affecting:


Creating an ecosystem that is a magnet for talent, both domestic and international


Providing a platform where small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can test ideas and technology, and improve their ability to scale up


Encouraging the adoption of emerging technologies (artificial intelligence, natural language processing, 5G) across all economic sectors

ENCQOR has the potential to be a central pillar of the Government of Canada’s Innovation Agenda. Through the collaboration of industry partners, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME), governments, and academia, ENCQOR will support economic growth, the creation of high-quality jobs and enhance Canada’s global competitiveness for the benefit of all Canadians.

Ontario and Quebec: SMEs and academia/research centres can partner with the ENCQOR Anchor Firms to support the development, integration, testing and validation of pre-commercial technologies using ENCQOR 5G digital infrastructure and technology.  

More information on ENCQOR's Technology Development Projects to follow. Bookmark this page and stay tuned for program updates.

Ontario and Quebec: Digital Innovation Hub sites will provide open access to state-of-the-art 5G infrastructure and technology, allowing pre-commercial development, testing and demonstration of the newest products and services in addition to a collaborative environment to support the sharing of ideas, concepts, and innovation.
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Ontario: Customer Demonstration Projects

Customer Demonstration Projects are designed to support SMEs in testing and validation activities using the ENCQOR 5G iPaaS testbed in order to develop or advance new 5G technologies, products, processes, and services.

Quebec: Financing and Adoption Projects

Financing IT Projects: Financing is available for technology projects in pre-commercial mode to develop and test next-generation products and services using ENCQOR 5G digital infrastructure and technology.

Adoption Projects: This stream will solicit innovative use cases of ENCQOR 5G digital infrastructure and technology across diverse sectors, and demonstrate their real-world application. 

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Ontario students and recent graduates with real-world industry experience in the digital economy can apply their expertise, leading-edge knowledge and tools to solving industry problems. In addition, SMEs gain vital access to up-and-coming talent. Learn more about the TalentEdge program.

Quebec students and recent graduates will have the opportunity to develop 5G digital knowledge and know-how by participating in all three programs of ENCQOR.

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Wireless Broadband Solutions

The ENCQOR Project enables Ericsson to conduct research and innovation activities considering several factors influencing the development of 5G next-generation network capabilities, including: radios; cybersecurity; advanced content distribution systems; cloud computing; Big Data applications; Internet of Things (IoT); next-generation heterogeneous network management systems; and data centre management systems.


Wired Broadband Solutions

As an anchor member of ENCQOR, Ciena Corporation’s research and development participation aims to build a forward-looking, open, and programmable broadband packet-optical network to interconnect specific cities and access points in Ontario and Québec. Ciena’s testbed facilitates the rapid development and deployment of user-controlled applications, machine-to-machine communications, and emerging 5G technologies and enables use cases that will influence the definition of future networking capabilities.

Smart Cities and Smart Mobility

Thales’ role for the ENCQOR Project is to develop urban science applications that are ready for testing in a technology showcase by a community of end users, thereby incentivizing industry and university research stakeholders to address urban challenges and identify sustainable solutions. The innovative applications and business models demonstrated may be used subsequently by other cities and regions along the ENCQOR corridor and in additional markets globally. The key areas of interest to Thales include: Urban Mobility, Safe City and Urban Computing applications.

Components for Next Generation Networks

As a key element in ENCQOR’s research and development, the IBM Bromont plant intends to develop and test assembly methods required for the cost-effective manufacturing of optoelectronic components using new photonic technologies. The design and qualification of these components will result in the input-output bandwidth capacity essential to the new generation of data centres, cutting-edge cloud services, and the smooth operation of 5G broadband networks such as that of the ENCQOR consortium.

Smart Grid Services and Solutions

CGI will help accelerate the transition to a virtual connected workforce with the development of SaaS-based smart grid capabilities to enhance networked services along the ENCQOR 5G communications corridor. The integration of CGI’s PragmaCAD mobile solution will provide a digital platform to support video-based workflow collaboration for field technicians, control and dispatch centers, and mobile-enabled resources.

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5G networks are on the horizon and they will fundamentally change how we do just about everything. 5G research and testing is ramping up quickly and its emergence will impact everything from communities to healthcare and transportation as well as objects (the Internet of Things, or IoT) and cities. 


Through the use of high-frequency radio waves, 5G is expected to make significant advances in three important areas: connectivity, latency and bandwidth.

With millions of devices coming online each year, stable and predictable Internet connectivity is vital. Latency is the time between cause and effect. When you pay a bill online, you want to know quickly that it has been processed. Bandwidth is important as things like video streaming become more common. You don’t want your favourite show to time out or stall.

With potential speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second, 5G will allow you to use your smartphone to control everything from your home security system, music and washer and dryer to your car, kitchen appliances and thermostat in real time.

The future is connected, and 5G is the platform on which it will be enabled.